Moving Boxes

When we arrived in SF and God provided for us an amazing house we were so overjoyed that the God who called us to plant a church in this city would provide for us in an amazing way. Once we landed the house and moved in my fear of “Will we ever be able to find a house in SF” shifted to “Will we ever be able to continue to afford this house in SF”. My reaction to this fear as we unpacked our house was to keep all of the moving boxes we used to move in a neat stack in the garage. These boxes were out of sight, nonetheless, I knew in the back of my mind that if the God who brought us here failed to come through I had an exit strategy.

I tried to justify my actions by saying “We’ll save money by not having to buy boxes next time we move” and “We have the space, why not keep them?”

I realized that fear and faith can't dwell in the same space and that as long as the boxes were there I wasn’t walking in faith. Really, I was standing still in fear. I remember before moving to SF boldly declaring that I wanted to be in a place where God was my only option…I found it so easy to say this from a place of comfort but a harder thing to live out in a place of discomfort when God is calling me to trust Him wholeheartedly.

We all have moving boxes in our lives. Things that allow us to “remain” in control and not trust in God fully. Yours, like mine, might be out of sight. But deep down you know they are readily accessible just in case God does not come through on His promise. I felt very convicted in my spirit that I needed to get rid of the moving boxes that were hindering my faith. 

These boxes stayed in my garage for about four months until I finally decided put them on under Free Items. When someone showed up to collect them I snapped a photo of the boxes and I realized that had to explain to them why I took the picture and that I wasn’t a crazy man who went around taking photos of flattened cardboard boxes. This picture serves as a reminder to always choose faith in God over fear of my circumstances.